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Book Title: Unplugged (Unplugged, #1)

Author: Sigal Ehrlich @Sigal_Ehrlich

Genre: New Adult

Release Date: March 10, 2017

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It was supposed to be a lot of things…but not this.


After surviving the long and excruciating recruitment process, I thought I would end up working for Madonna or the CIA at the very least.

Boy, was I wrong.


Even in my wildest dreams I couldn’t have imagined what I was in for. What my heart was in for.


I couldn’t have possibly fathomed the lifestyle, the responsibility, how much it would take out of me, the inner battles, and mostly, the emotional whirlwind.

I could never have imagined, prepared myself for, or anticipated…




It was supposed to be a job. Just a temporary job. Just a few months. Just a short stop before the journey I was about to take to follow my dream.


It was supposed to be a lot of things…but not this.

Little did I know it would be the one event that would shape me, would change me, would bring on such a shift in the balance of my world.

Would bring…




Would bring…




Into my life.


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TashTash M


He was my employer and I’m just the nanny.

But my heart told otherwise…..

Unplugged  is   the first book in a duet.  What this story appears to be, the typical forbidden, angst and against the odds new adult story.  However it is far from just that, it a  heartwarming sweet book as well. Ivi Kert, is a  girl with simple dreams to change the world . Now aged 22 she is still eager as ever though a little wiser and jaded with her ambitions after experience a taste of real life .

She needs money to help with her next mission , knowing  that dreams can only get her somewhere.   So after a rigid  recruitment process  she expecting this 6 month nanny job will be for a someone high up. Not expecting to be a music superstar , Tyler Lee Adams, Ty.

Immediately this job doesn’t become a 6 month job just to get money.  The job has open the doors to  more then Ivvi expected.  This job was only a stop gap, for her dreams. But dreams can change?

As the heart is in for a beating as  Ivi navigates this new world. She may be a fish out of water but this girl isn’t going  to be a cliché. She prepared herself for her charge and to be challenge by him. She isn’t ready for Ty.

Ty  the game changer

It hard to describe the story but that blurb does it justice.  The author took an idea that we hear played on in the gossip magazines  time after time. She embraced the idea and made a heart warming captivating story. This isn’t straight forward romance that is clear cut.  This more just a forbidden story who happens to have  a rock star.

There  is very real  lives involved who have different dreams and plans.  Humans whose lives are changed the moment they become unplugged from the world they know and thrown into another. Hearts are on the line and dreams. And this only the beginning




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