But For You (A Matter of Time #6) by Mary Calmes

Book Blurb :

Jory Harcourt is finally living the dream. Being married to US Marshal Sam Kage has changed him—it’s settled the tumult of their past and changed Jory from a guy who bails at the first sign of trouble to a man who stays and weathers the storm. He and Sam have two kids, a house in the burbs, and a badass minivan. Jory’s days of being an epicenter for disaster are over. Domestic life is good.

Which means it’s exactly the right time for a shakeup on the home front. Sam’s ex turns up in an unexpected place. A hit man climbs up their balcony at a family reunion. And maybe both of those things have something to do with a witness who disappeared a year ago. Marital bliss just got a kick in the pants, but Jory won’t let anyone take his family away from him. Before he knew what it felt like to have a home, he would have run. Not anymore. He knows he and Sam need to handle things together, because that’s the only way they’re going to make it.







It should be a sin that this is the last book! Pardon me while I go curl up and cry! It’s always hard to see a series you love come to its conclusion. Though when you have 2 characters as perfect, charming, and destructive as Jory and Sam, it becomes almost painful! In the first books of the Matter of Times series, you are thrown into a whirlwind when you first meet Jory—my goodness, what a character! You can’t help but love him even as you want to strangle him! It’s a good thing Sam came along, or no one would ever be able to keep Jory from getting into so much trouble … mind you, poor Sam has to work very hard to do so himself, and even he struggles to keep hold of Jory!


It’s Love at first page with But for You! Sigh. This story wouldn’t have made any sense if we didn’t have Jory getting into trouble almost right from the beginning! He is after all the trouble magnet! So you can’t really be all that surprised when it doesn’t take long for Jory to find himself in the hospital—again! Really, it’s not like every day you have a run in with a crazed lunatic walking up and down a road backed up with traffic smashing in cars with a tire iron! Well, unless you’re Jory Harcourt then this is probably just a walk in the park.


Sam … sigh. We all need our very own Sam! He’s aggressive, fierce, and definitely has a cussing problem; however, he’s also very loyal, loving and supremely protective of his family. And when you see both Jory and Sam with their two kids … you turn to mush! Kola and Hannah, my god, they’re so damn cute! Even while they have been adopted they have meshed well, creating a beautiful if not oddly strange hilarious family unit.


So what happens when a guy, Doctor Kevin Dwyer, comes into the hospital room where Jory sits waiting to get released after dealing with a crazy tire iron wielding man, and it turns out that Kevin is a guy from Sam’s past.


In the past, Sam left Jory in hopes of protecting him, yet while he was away he shared a 3 month fling with Kevin. So to see Kevin show up out of the blue, well you know this is some serious cause for worrying! Jory if left not knowing what to think, as he knows Sam lied when he never told him about Kevin but he also knows that nothing can or will take Sam away from him … neither one of them would survive it!


A Kage family reunion, which is supposed to be a happy, fun, and maybe slightly stressful event turns down right scary when Jory has a gunman sneaking into his room  that night, with the kids close by, only to end up being shot by Sam when he comes to the rescue! Things get insanely hectic after. When Jory and Sam turn to Dane—Jory’s brother, instead of Sam’s family, they are hurt and confused as to why Sam and Jory don’t trust them enough. It did seem a bit odd at first almost like a rift was being built, but after I thought about it, it made perfect sense. Sam needed be able to make sure that Jory and his kids are safe. Dane would make this happen with no questions asked. As he is Jory’s brother and has the means to pull out all he stops when it comes to Jory’s safety.


For the kids, Jory does everything he can to keep things as normal as possible, even though they had to return home without Sam. Jory’s stress only grows when Kola gets assaulted by another parent while at school. With the help of many friends, actions are taken. Not only is the parent barred from the school, but the teacher who should have been looking out for his student was let go. To have friends that are ready and willing to just show up and help no questions asked is a blessing. And Jory and Sam have an amazing set of friends that do just that.


It always seems that at every turn something or someone is showing up to cause a ruckus in Jory and Sam’s life. Whether it is a threat to Sam or Jory they must learn they are a team. Their love is tested, emotions are wrung tight, and patience grows thin, yet they never waver, instead they seem to learn from this all and grow strong as a couple and family. Even after so many years together they still manage to make the other breathless. Sam’s possessiveness hasn’t weakened in the slightest. He loves Jory with a fierceness that can only be commended, as surely Jory tries his patience on a daily basis!


As a family unit they are brilliantly comical! Even down to Chilly, their devil of a cat. They work, plain and simple. I love Kola and how he’s picked up Sam’s protectiveness and carried it over and uses that to watch over his sister Hannah. For 6 years old, Kola is amazing, bright, thoughtful, and wise. Hannah, only 2 years old, is so damn adorable! I love the way she hangs onto her brothers’ words as though he couldn’t possibly be wrong. She’s so cute! They both commandeer the attention of those around them with great poise and ease as if they weren’t just simply 2 or 6 years old.


Things, of course, just keep heating up, never a dull moment. Attempted kidnapping seems to be a growing phase with Jory, but this time Sam actually makes it in time to save him—and Jory actually listens to Sam when he says to get down. Will wonders ever cease? So it’s really no surprise when Kevin shows up again near the end and his true purpose is revealed. And while you don’t exactly see it coming right away, it isn’t hard to see how and way that played out the way it did. Even when Jory ends up having to put himself into a life or death situation in which Sam has limited control, which is killing him, for Jory is and forever will be Sam’s.


It’s a solid 5 couples! I absolutely loved this! Not only do I recommend this book, but the whole Matter of Times Series!  It is one of my all time favorites, and will continue to be always! I love everything I read from Mary Calmes! But please … please, give us the story on Aaron and Duncan! I’ll beg if I have to!




Pubisher : Dreamspinner

Source : Publisher provided review

Released :October 12th 2012


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