The Unexpected Choice by Stephanie Taylor



Book Blurb :

Joey McCrary needs a wife and someone to help him raise his daughter after he made some poor choices in college. Stacey has always been his friend, and even though she’s a sweet girl, nothing can compare to the feelings he has for his ex.

Joey realizes that he and Stacey can benefit one another. Joey can provide Stacey with all she’s ever wanted: a family. But can Stacey teach him a few things along the way, too?

Dolce Amore




First, I want to say that I read and reviewed two of the Stephanie’s books and I loved them. However, this book was a deception from the first pages.


Joey comes home after graduating from college with a bachelor’s degree in engineering and discovers that his childhood friend, Stacey, had dropped out of high school her senior year two years ago to take care of her grandfather who has cancer.


Come on! His best friend and neighbor drops the school two years ago—two years!— and just now Joey discovers it? This is one of the most unreal situations I have ever read. Besides, their conversations are not like those of two friends. He comes to “help” her but he does little more than asking her to have sex with him, knowing that she had a crush on him for years. Their conversations are so unreal and surreal that they almost made me stop reading the book.


After the death of Stacey’s grandfather, she finally discovers why Joey is behaving the way he is. He wants to marry her to have her help him raise his future child, who is going to be born in two months. His ex, Cameron, was arrested in a drug bust and Joey wants to give their baby a real home. So he tells Stacey that he will pay her grandfather’s debs and take care of her if she marries him.


I think Joey is a jerk. How dare he say Stacey is selfish when she tells him she wants to marry for love? Good for Stacey! She tells him he is a coward … but why has she chosen the word ‘coward’? And when I really started to like Stacey and think there’s a gal with some backbone, she accepts Joey’s proposal.


On her wedding night, after she has spent over an hour preparing herself to give Joey her virginity, he tells her that he can wait; but when, after a kiss, she decide to wait, he almost forces her. He takes advantage of her desire for him to convince her to have sex with him. And when I thought my opinion of Joey couldn’t be lower …


I swear, this book makes no sense. I read at the start of the book that Joey’s ex was arrested the same night they had a fight. He wanted to marry her and she didn’t want that. So why am I now reading this?


Six months ago, settling down was the last thing on his to-do list.


The book doesn’t get any better.  After she gives birth, Cameron wants her baby for when she gets out from the prison. Stacey and Joey talk a lot about God’s will, about His will, but what about forgiveness? They are such hypocrites; they don’t forgive Cameron’s mistake!


I swear these characters made me mad! They are among the worst characters I have ever read about and I read lots of books. I can’t rate this book more than 1 couple, and you already know my reasons as outlined above. Although I hope the next book from Stephanie Taylor will be better, I’m not sure I’ll risk it to find out.



Publisher: Astraea Press

Source : Publisher provided for review

Released :December 3rd 2012




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