Review: Hot Match by Tierney O’Malley (2 couples)






Dolce Amore

Review :

Jade Belfry’s life had been going downhill since she went to jail for smoking weed. She lost her muse and she can’t paint anymore, so she started to work as erotic dancer.


Jade was a lap, table, and pole dancer. She would do anything to satisfy a customer without the actual sex to give a customer his money’s worth. To make a man come while sitting on his chair. Damn. That wasn’t easy. Still, she’d done it many times.


And Jade would’ve kept doing it too, if Brad, the owner, hadn’t asked her to have sex with a fat donkey in exchange for another six-month contract. She rejects his offer and as she leaves the club, she breaks one of the heels of her shoe and throws it in disgust, accidentally breaking some expensive bottles of liquor.


When Brad is about to hit her for not giving him her check to cover the cost of those bottles, someone rescues her, a very attractive stranger who knows her name and tells her he has been following her for some time.


He possessed dark green eyes with thick long lashes. His nose was straight, mouth wide and full. Up close, she could see the green highlight on his blond hair.


Kyr of Rhyn wants to offer her a job to have his baby. Jade is the only woman who can turn him green, who excites him. With the Rhyn’s population on the brink of extinction because of the Orkinians, he needs her to accept having his baby. Rhyn is a star born in the galaxy, only a few million years younger than the sun.


Until here, for me I felt the story was not bad. She doesn’t fear him, but why do that when he is handsome; has just saved her from Brad and his friends and drives a Porsche? Yet, she should fear his confession that he’s been stalking her for some time.


From that moment forward, the story went downhill for me with too many moments that were implausible. Jade accepts too fast to have Kyr’s baby, even if she is not interested in his money or has deep feelings for him. Not only that, but to become Kyr’s mate, she has to hold his pendant while having sex with him, even though burns her hand.


What a turn off!


The storyline was a cliché, the characters not deep enough and the story had no realism. 2 couples.



Pubisher : Beachwalk Press

Source : Purchased

Released : October 21st 2013



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Wren Marlow is suddenly thrust into the unusual situation of not being the crazy one. Her whole life she’s seen and known things that she shouldn’t have and all it had ever done was get her slapped with a bunch of labels by shrinks. Now, a gorgeous alien, calling himself a hybrid, tells her that not only is she not crazy, she’s like him… that they were genetically engineered to be perfect for one another.

The threats are coming from all sides and all they can do is cling to one another. But can Wren really accept this life that seems so foreign to her and this man who claims to be her destiny? What will happen when Wren discovers that Kyr’s former lovers are not women, but the very men he serves with?

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