Review: Enchained by Chris Lange

Title: Enchained

Author: Chris Lange

Date Published: August 12, 2012

Publisher: Breathless Press



Sometimes bad decisions lead to big mistakes. Other times it’s just fate.
As night falls on Anchor’s Town, Jany Reed is abducted from a parking lot by her stalker ex boyfriend Billy. He leaves her trapped in a strange basement, locked up in chains, and naked. Before the night is out, Jany realizes that the hazardous situation might not be what it seems. And Billy might not be who she thinks he is. 

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This book is intended for a mature audience only, due to some dark and erotic content.



 “You deserve my love and my highest respect. From now on, I swear that’s what you’ll get.”

Kidnapped, chained and stripped naked by a masked stranger.…oh Jany’s in trouble alright.

“Who are you?

That is the question. Who is this man, why is he wearing a mask and more pressing why did he kidnap Jany? Don’t worry you’ll get all the answers in this book, you just have to read it yourself because I’m not spoiling anything 😛

Why did I read this book, well a certain woman named Anne, introduced me to this author’s books though they aren’t “favorites” of mine, this author has something that keeps me coming back for more. And that something lies in her unusual world building, the suspense in them and the smut she manages to insert into her stories without it overpowering the whole book. In this case it was also the cover, it screamed horror and Jason, so the horror freak in me couldn’t let this one go untouched.

One thing that stands out  for me is the masked stranger “torturing” our Jany. Masked stranger, of course you’re no stranger to me anymore, but I just love him. With that kind of torture I wouldn’t mind him kidnapping me…It wouldn’t be a real kidnapping though seeing I’m willing….

I did have trouble liking Jany, she is a biatch and she knows it. She is so shallow and just plain stupid and that’s brilliant! The author did a great job creating this character, she didn’t make or even try to make her likable and that’s exactly what I like about Jany as a creation.

“You knew. You saw his eyes in the mirror. The pain in them. The loneliness. The clarity. Deep down, you knew he was telling the truth. You turned your back on him. You freaked out because you’re an insecure, ungrateful, snooty little bitch!”

To give her a bit of credit she does try to think and act differently. I also get that Jany is reluctant to believe anything the masked stranger says, he did kidnap her after all. But the way she handles herself in her situation isn’t smart at all. Had me doing this the whole time.

“Enchained” is full of suspense, sadly didn’t have the horror aspect I thought to encounter. But it was a good and quick read nonetheless with yet another unusual situation and unusual characters.


3.5 couple



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Book Tour : An Unwilling Husband by Tera Shanley

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Title: The Unwilling Husband

Author: Tera Shanley

Genre: Historical Western Romance

Release Date: May 5, 2014

Cover Art: Renee Rocco

Publisher: Lyrical Press – A Kensington Imprint


For adventurous Margaret Flemming, arrived from Boston to be with her father, the Old West town of her childhood is a far cry from the drawing rooms and balls of the high society life she’s used to. Her fancy gowns and proper manners have no place in the dusty, cruel land inhabited by Indians and rough cowboys.And her fiercely independent streak constantly gets her in trouble. When tragedy strikes, there’s only one person she can turn to–her childhood friend, Garret Shaw–but he’s disgusted with her Society ways.

With his ranch under attack from the land-grabbing Jennings, the last thing Garret needs is to be saddled with a high-falutin’ lady. Even if she is his friend’s daughter and her kind ways tug at his hardened heart. Duty to her father forces them to wed, but he knows sure as anything, when the chance comes along, she’ll go back to Boston. No matter how much he wants her, loving her is not a risk he can take.

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Tash M

Review :

I’m suck for this trope and since I was aiming to try and review more historical this year.  I jumped at the opportunity. As the words Unwilling stood out to me when  I read the title and the synopsis. I had no clue for kind story I was going to get and I was looking for a book that could be added to the re-read pile as that pile was seriously lacking  historical romances.


Well this book blew my expectations and more. The author has written a story that I could easily re-read because of her fluidity and characters that you can connect to and their story.  I was whisked back in the Old West where cowboys run this town and cattle is the game. And woman are scared in the Old West so Maggie arrival means one thing . We are going to a riveting story as Maggie tries to find her way and learns lessons along the way.

Our heroine Maggie only wants one thing her father. The fact she willing to give everything up in Boston for the Old West and father , her childhood home. Oh and Garret Shaw the cowboy she grew up and with and had a childhood crush on and has wished to see for years. So when she gets back home and her independent streak makes at odds with Garret. She beautiful and tough and rubs Garett the wrong way as she not scared to stand up for herself and others. She the perfect wife for him as she not afraid of getting her hands dirty and smart about her decisions. But Garett is brooding over the fact that he been forced to accept her as her wife.

I love a good cowboy especially when he an alpha male and is dark and mysterious about his past since Maggie left and until the part she returned. He allsorts about being saddled with Maggie since he in her opinion not cut for life he leads and she got a potty mouth . But it not just about their story about trying to work something out and make a relationship. There is a cast of characters that tie into the secondary arc and adds something extra to the story.

I enjoyed this story a lot and I hope this is the last historical I see from this author . I give 4 stars.


Publisher : Lyrical Press

Source : Publicist provided for review

Released : May 5th 2014



oie_374844ZpQCuPIw oie_374844ZpQCuPIw




About the Author

 photo authorpicsmall_zps0e5f8402.jpg
Tera Shanley writes in sub-genres that stretch from Paranormal Romance, to Historic Western Romance, to Apocalyptic (zombie) Romance. The common theme? She loves love! A self-proclaimed bookworm, she was raised in small town Texas and could often be found decorating a table at the local library. She currently lives in Dallas with her husband and two young children and when she isn’t busy running around after her family, she’s writing a new story or devouring a good book.Any spare time is dedicated to chocolate licking, rifle slinging, friend hugging, and the great outdoors. For more information about Tera and her work, visit



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Review: Forged In Fire (After The Burn series #2) by Shyla Colt

Title:  Forged In Fire (After The Burn series #2)

Author: Shyla Colt

Date Published: April 11, 2014

Publisher: Hot Ink Press


Orphaned, thirteen year old Clara Hendrix found refuge in her parent’s small market until a group of unlikely heroes discovered her. Cousins Ben and Shaw Grahm and their best friend Sasha Fuller take her under their wing. For years, she’s traveled beside him, the little sister they’d do anything to protect. Eight years afterward, she finds herself wanting things that embarrassed and thrills her. Afraid to risk the carefully balanced relationship that exists between the four of them she fights her urges. Until the cravings become too much and she’s forced to take actions into her own hands.


Continuing in the same world as “From the Ashes” we now get to read about another woman who has managed to escape the fate of being a play thing.

Sasha, Shaw and Ben have banded together. They scavenge towns while searching for a safe place far away from all the chaos. On one of their raids they stumble upon a girl who is no older than thirteen years. She’s armed, exhausted and wary of the three but Clara senses that they mean her no harm and when they insist on taking her under their wings, she willingly goes with them. Sasha, Shaw and Ben are such good men.

Flash forward to where Clara is all grown up. Sasha, Shaw, Ben and Clara have grown really tight but lately there’s some tension in the air. The men have gotten more protective and more possessive because they want to do more than protect and shelter. They want to make Clara theirs in every sense of the word. They just don’t know how to proceed.

The men have to act fast though, Clara has grown into her sexuality and is more than ready to explore it. If not with Sasha, Shaw and Ben then someone else will do too.

The world that was built in “From The Ashes” has expanded in this story, more details are given and I could grasp the dire living conditions more so than in the first book. There’s also a lot more character building in here and more action! (and not only of the smutty kind). So thumbs up for that.

I like how Clara is nothing like Devon. She’s carefree and even suggests wanting to become a willing “plaything”….I hope she’s just saying that to rile the men up. Talking about the men, Sasha, Shaw and Ben are quite the threesome, bit hypocritical but deliciously possessive.

I rather liked this short story, there were some aspects that I found questionable but I’m happy with the improvements in the world and character building. Like the first book this one features a menage, only with one man more….the more the merrier right 😉


3.5 couple
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