Release Day Review: Snowbound by CJ Martin



Title: Snowbound
Author: CJ Martin
Genre: New Adult/College Romance
 Release Date: October 20, 2015




A professional snowboarder. A novice skier. An inevitable collision. Anders Vik is a force on the slopes and he knows it. World number one. Countless endorsement deals. Looks to match. When a vicious scandal rocks his world everything he’s worked so hard for is threatened. Banished by his coach to a local ski resort, he spends his days losing himself boarding and in numerous women. But when she crashes into his world he’s not sure which will change his life more. The wait for his name to be cleared, or her.College senior Elena Espinosa plays by the rules. Work hard. Study harder. Rely on no one but herself. Coerced by her best friends, she reluctantly tags along on the final trip during winter break. For Elena, novice skier is an understatement. She never dreamed a lesson on the bunny slope would send her hurtling towards her destiny. Nor did she imagine it would come in the form of a blue-eyed Nordic God.

She isn’t looking for love. He doesn’t do commitment. But what burns between them is so strong it threatens to melt the polar ice caps. What happens when two different worlds collide?


TashTash M


One of my favourite sport romance series to date has been a snowboarding one so I was definitely curious about this offering from CJ Martin. I wasn’t familiar with the author prior to reading the book but the synopsis captured my attention weeks ago when I signed up and was hoping for a sweet read.

Snowbound is about two opposites who lives come clashing together by chance and who can’t get enough of each other once they get to know each other . Ander Vik is a pro snowboarder who has been banished to his friend JJ’s parents resort Seven Pines in light of a scandal blooming and he is bored. He lives for the sport and doesn’t want to risk anything that will wreck his dreams. So he being the good boy by ripping up the snowfields and loosing himself in the local women. Anything to forget his troubles and remain in the good graces of his sponsors.

Until he meets Elena Espionosa and soon snowboarding isn’t the main priority as Elena doesn’t want to know him and he wants to know the woman who has no clue who he is and offers refreshing take on his life. Elena is a refreshing challenge, something that he hasn’t had in a while. . Has the man who doesn’t do commitments about to finally loses his heart and more.

Elena has a simple dream of finishing college and has no time for boys like Vik. She doesn’t need love, she has seen what it has done with her own parents and rather focus on better and bigger things. She thinks he is the arrogant man who saved her on the fields when she nearly broken her ankle. The best thing to happen to her, as Elena is no skier. She rather been stuck in a good book the being interested in anything is Vik is into and has a different out look on life . She may of tagged along with her best friends to spend time with them on her final winter break but her ideal of fun time is far from their’s

However Life is about to change and Vik is only the beginning of what is to come. Will she be ready and open for it .

Snowbound is a fun sport romance of two opposites falling in love and dealing with their issues. Though I was hoping the book would be more about Vik actions on the field. The author did deliver a book I loved in the end. These two both had their issues and was no smooth path to happily ever after. As Elena had her own problems to deal with as well and the last thing she needed was the resident playboy being interested in her. But he wooed her to no end and I loved how the author made him worked for it. I want to say poor boy but he created the reputation himself.  It was a fun book not to heavy that you can easily squeeze in between reads and do I hope she does return to Seven Pines in the future.

4 couples







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Author Bio
CJ Martín lives in Pennsylvania with her wonderful husband and her adorable (sometimes infuriating) dog, Albert. She is an avid reader and has been known to spend her days ignoring her responsibilities while engrossed in a good book. She enjoys traveling and yoga. Snowbound is her first book.
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