Double Take by Alyssa Turner


Book Blurb :

Same face, same mission, same woman. One big risk…

In post apocalyptic New York, Shannon Morris has one job to do: find the secrets everyone wants to hide from the all-powerful Eaglecorp. From her appointed perch high above the underclass, she would never have guessed she’d become a rebel sympathizer, or fall for two men at the same time—twins.

Ex-military resistance fighters Tristan and Pryor Davies also have a mission: to take down Eaglecorp by any means necessary. And Shannon is their key. But loving Shannon was never part of that plan. It’s a complication no amount of training could have prepared them for. They know instinctually how to rule her pleasure, and the sex between the three of them is explosive. But when the twins are forced to choose between their mission and Shannon, they struggle to find a solution they can live with. Because living without Shannon isn’t an option.

Awakened to Eaglecorp’s oppressive stranglehold on the people, Shannon begins to discover just what she’s capable of. There’s no turning back from the mission–or from the searing heat of twin lovers. Shannon is the key to defeating Eaglecorp, but only if she can unlock the truth before everything falls apart. In the end, the biggest secret she’ll uncover might be her own… Dolce Amore



The start wasn’t particularly interesting; we just know that Shannon, Pryor and Tristan are preparing themselves for something. We don’t know for what.


Two weeks prior, Shannon is interviewing Raymond Stark to see if he’s Platinum Class material. For a Platinum Class and a powerful woman, Shannon turns out to be a very easy to distract and not too sure of herself. I know that Raymond is also playing some mind trick, but he does it in the end, so she doesn’t have excuses.


By the way, the higher level should be platinum, not gold; the ranking is Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum.


A few pages into the story, we learn that Shannon was kidnapped two years ago and had facial reassignment to protect her identity; Eaglecorp, the company that commands the world, had covered up the entire misfortune under a blanket of money and lies. Her three weeks of captivity are still haunting her nights. And in one of those we find out that Tristan was one of her kidnappers. What a turn off!!!


Next, we discover that Raymond Stark is Pryor and that he and Tristan, among others, have planned all that five years ago and it was supposed to bring equality. Eagelcorp (or the men in charge) have been discharging young, pregnant girls if they discover their sons are not perfect, forcing the girls to live out their lives outside the cities. This kind of action is given to anyone Eaglecorp wants to make destitute. To bring about equality, Pryor, as Raymond, has to infiltrate the main server at headquarters and he will need two or three weeks to do it. Seems the mind trick was caused by a pill Pryor took just before the interview.


Incredibly, Tristan calls dibs on Shannon.


Just don’t forget, I saw her first.


I still expect for the book to capture my attention, but it seems that won’t happen.


Shannon seems to have a crush for her ex kidnapper, Tristan, and in that weeks she was held hostage, he won her over to the rebel’s side. And Pryor tells her who he really is and that he’s Tristan identical twin.


When Shannon meets Tristan and sees him for the first time, they react as lovers who haven’t seen each other in a long time. I can’t believe it!!! He held her captive, and she suffered because of the kidnapper in command, Mick, and she still hugs him? For me, the fact that he was kind to her while she was hostage doesn’t redeem him.


Then, Pryor tells her that it’s either both or neither of them, and she has to decide now. She accepts, of course she does, and Tristan gives her an earpiece so the three of them can always be in contact.


They try to find a girl who seems to look like Shannon after her facial reassignment and soon that puts her in contact with Patricia Blackwell, the president of Eaglecorp, a forty-five year old lesbian known for her preference for blondes. When she goes to meet her as that girl who went missing, Patricia knows she is Shannon; and she has Mick by her side… surprise, he wasn’t dead as everyone thought he was!


Shannon discovers that the girl was dead and she was totally changed two years ago … not only her face, but her body too; Patricia turned her into a replicate of her lover. They stole her body and placed her brain into a clone. And when I thought it couldn’t get any worst, three marshals came to investigate her to ask if she was with Patricia the night before. Of course she was, and they never made Patricia forget that, so Shannon says she wasn’t? So Pryor makes her forget all about the resistance and about the investigation.


Yet, Tristan doesn’t want to be forgotten, doesn’t want to lose her. So he makes her remember some parts of what happened between them. And she soon remembers everything.


Patricia disappears, there is another person named as president and Shannon is named as Senior Vice President of Personnel. We finally understand what was she preparing for … she was going to speak to the new recruits of the resistance.


I finally finished the book. It’s clearly a series and it’s not set as one. I’m sorry to say that I rate it 2 couples, and I can’t give it more because of the material I’ve already cited.


Pubisher : Etopia Press

Source : Publicist provided for review

Released : August 3rd 2012



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Surviving Elite High by John H Ames


Book Blurb :

John Henry Ames is a sixteen-year-old boy from a small New Jersey town. John is humble, shy and studious. He lives as an outcast in the shadows of an elite high school where he is tormented by two psychopathic bullies. On the verge of dropping out of school due to overdue payments, a teacher enrolls him in a tutoring program where he meets the school’s star quarterback and hero, Nick Anthony Hawking. Since he was doing poorly in several subjects, Nick needs John’s help to pass and graduate high school.

As John becomes closer to the jock, he develops a strong affection towards him even though Nick has a strong reputation of sleeping around with a lot of women. Nick becomes his friend and protector in school. Their sincere friendship helps to bring out the best in each of them. Several tragedies, like a school shooting, threaten to change their young lives forever. Will they follow their own voice or return to the safety of their own shadows? Surviving Elite High is a breathtaking saga that illustrates a flourishing same-sex love, family, and friendship.


 white daisy



This story begins with 16 year old John Henry Ames, starting his new year as a junior in an Elite High School. John is scared down to his bones, hiding and searching around for his two best friends. Instead, John comes face-to-face with his two tormentors, Jacob Ashmore and Matthew Ward, both known as the basketball jocks. They want to WELCOME him properly by throwing John inside the huge trashcan behind the school. John has luck on his side that day, because his two best friends arrive one after another, Kitty Scott and Madison Adams.


When Kitty Scott, John’s best friend, asks him, “Why do you let those assholes treat you like that?” John tells her the truth—they’re bigger, stronger and they’re jocks! John is a small young kid only five feet, seven inches high and doesn’t have any muscles. In John’s mind, he would be an idiot to fight those two giant of a bullies. Both Jacob and Matthew have bullied John around for two years now and it is time for John to stand up to them.


After his last English hour, John is asked by his new English teacher, Mrs. Carter, if he can stay behind for a chat. Mrs. Charter informs John that she heard that he is quite an amazing student with a perfect GPA, and is supposed to be ahead of all his classmates.


As a new Financial Affairs consultant, Mrs. Charter informs John that she knows about John’s financial difficulties of owing a few tuition payments from the previous year. As a private institution, the school can’t allow a student to owing more than three months, Mrs. Carter informs John, so she has enrolled John in this year’s tutoring program. John is being assigned to a special student. The student’s parents will pay for John’s monthly school fee and, in return, John’ll tutor their son for the entire school year.


John had only one question “Why me?” Mrs. Carter replies that as the best student in his class and as one who needs the financial help, John is the right choice for this special student. John is happy and grateful, even if he sees himself as a new charity case for some rich folks. It has been humiliating to wear daily ragged clothes and get bullied around for being poor, so he doesn’t tell Kitty and Madison about Mrs. Carter’s tutoring program when he comes out of English class.


John informs Kitty and Madison about his discussion with Mrs. Carter when they go to eat in the cafeteria. John tells them that he feels like a charity case and, as such, doesn’t like the feeling. But the truth is John will get paid for his own services, he will tutor a student and this won’t be a charity at all. John does have really great friends; Kitty and Madison are loyal, supportive girls.


John’s new tutee is Nicholas Anthony Hawking, also known as ‘Nick Wild Hawk’. Nick is the captain of the Elite Hawks. Nick has been nicknamed by girls as ‘Nick Wild Fuck’ because of his promiscuous nature. Nick is six feet tall with light, tan skin, short dirty blond hair and baby blue eyes. In everyone’s eyes, even John’s, Nick is dreamy and as perfect as they come. He is the most popular jock in school and a star quarterback.


“Thank you.”

Nick froze. “For what?”

“It’s because of you that I’m still here. Your parents are paying for my monthly school fee.”

“You don’t have to thank me. My parents have lots of money. They just want the best for me and you’re the best.”


Nick and John soon become friends and their daily interactions and chats at Burger King or Pizza Hut are funny, friendly and buddy-like. Nick really tries to know a bit more about John. Sure, he is a ladies man who has had a lot of sex, but Nick wants to change. And his friendship with John gives him a new opportunity. “You’re humble. Yeah, that’s the perfect word to describe you. Humble.”


It was great to see that Nick truly wished to know all about John and this demonstrated for us that Nick was a strong character. Nick’s whole attention was on John when they spent their time together and I loved that. This showed us that Nick truly wished to be a true friend to John. Money didn’t really matter to Nick; he was a young guy whose parents worked and traveled, and didn’t have serious time for Nick. His days were spent alone and he felt lonely. That’s why a reader could understand Nick’s fixed attention toward girls and sex. Who would wish to be alone and feel empty if they could have girls around? And that’s exactly what Nick was doing until he met John.


The whole storyline around Matthew and his craziness was an OMG part of this story. What kind of a kid was Matthew that he acted so unstable? That guy was a bully and had probably a hard childhood too, to act like he did.


Madison on other hand was so fresh with her sincere, truthful way of speaking. She was a uniquely funny girl. “Yeah, imagine dirty and sweaty Nick jogging all over the field, bulging in the right places and tackling other dirty boys. That’s like soft core porn,” Madison added with a smile. Madison’s slutty behavior is a truly great comical part of the trio of best friends.

What are we? Boyfriend and boy … friend?”

“Well, I’m your boyfriend and you’re my Jaan.”

My Jaan, J-A-A-N. That means my love or life in Hindi.”  


If that part is not romantic, then I really don’t know what could be. Both Nick and John were crazy for each other. The first true love is always the sweetest, the deepest and longest.  And the last sentence in this sweet and even tragically realistic story:

Yes, we are seventeen and naïve, but we love each other like no other couple in the world.


This is really a beautiful story of two young adults in high school and I loved it completely. I’m giving 4 couples




Pubisher : Dare Empire eMedia Productions

Source : Manic Readers

Release Date:  June 20 2012



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Want, Love, Need by Mike Shade


Book Blurb :

Eoan is a hunter, who lives happily in the woods. It’s a simple good life, one that’s changed forever when a mage appears in his path from a place and time not here. To Eoan’s surprise, Daniel not only survives as they face the Red Dragon and other difficulties, but Eoan begins to enjoy the mage’s company. Enjoy it and more. Could it be that Daniel feels the same way?




Is it bad that when I read the first line I about died laughing? Or does that just mean my mind was being a bit dirty? Oh man, hahaha! Anyway! Eoan is a skilled hunter of the woods, and Daniel has found his way to Eoan by magic, seeming to be lost and unsure of how to get home. He shows up right at the moment Eoan is fighting the Red Dragon of GohlHill.


Want. It was very sweet to see Eoan and Daniel together, realizing what they both want and though they are hesitant and unsure at first, it becomes both exciting and wondrous. But Eoan goes from straight to suddenly gay in a flash? That was just a bit confusing.


Love. All it takes is one misstep and Eoan fighting to save Daniel from a gryphon. Eoan suddenly realizes that his feelings for Daniel are stronger. They have grown to love each other, the mere though of losing the other is too much to bear. Just after the fight, Eoan begins to storm off only to go right back to Daniel and take him against a tree, without any lube. As hot as that scene could have been, reading about being taken raw isn’t a turn on – for me at least.


Need. The need to play can be enticing, as Eoan grumbles with nothing to do but carve bowls and cups. Daniel coaxes him into a little fun, making Eoan hunt him through the woods. This part I actually really liked as it showed a fun, playful side to Eoan and Daniel’s relationship. It was very sweet.


However, this lacked a backstory. I so badly wanted to read about when Daniel came to Eoan, see the fight with the Red Dragon. We come into the story and they have already been traveling together for some time. What about where Daniel is from? He never talks about his home. And then there’s the idea that Daniel feels he brings nothing to the relationship to help Eoan. But doesn’t he have magic? He’s used it before, right; he supposedly helps Eoan fight the Red Dragon? How does that make him not useful?


This is still a cute, sweet short fantasy read. I say it’s 3 couples. It just left me with a lot of questions. Maybe we can hope for a sequel and more of Eoan and Daniel’s adventures?



Pubisher : Torquere Press

Source : Manic Readers

Release Date: March 13th 2012



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