Double Take by Alyssa Turner


Book Blurb :

Same face, same mission, same woman. One big risk…

In post apocalyptic New York, Shannon Morris has one job to do: find the secrets everyone wants to hide from the all-powerful Eaglecorp. From her appointed perch high above the underclass, she would never have guessed she’d become a rebel sympathizer, or fall for two men at the same time—twins.

Ex-military resistance fighters Tristan and Pryor Davies also have a mission: to take down Eaglecorp by any means necessary. And Shannon is their key. But loving Shannon was never part of that plan. It’s a complication no amount of training could have prepared them for. They know instinctually how to rule her pleasure, and the sex between the three of them is explosive. But when the twins are forced to choose between their mission and Shannon, they struggle to find a solution they can live with. Because living without Shannon isn’t an option.

Awakened to Eaglecorp’s oppressive stranglehold on the people, Shannon begins to discover just what she’s capable of. There’s no turning back from the mission–or from the searing heat of twin lovers. Shannon is the key to defeating Eaglecorp, but only if she can unlock the truth before everything falls apart. In the end, the biggest secret she’ll uncover might be her own… Dolce Amore



The start wasn’t particularly interesting; we just know that Shannon, Pryor and Tristan are preparing themselves for something. We don’t know for what.


Two weeks prior, Shannon is interviewing Raymond Stark to see if he’s Platinum Class material. For a Platinum Class and a powerful woman, Shannon turns out to be a very easy to distract and not too sure of herself. I know that Raymond is also playing some mind trick, but he does it in the end, so she doesn’t have excuses.


By the way, the higher level should be platinum, not gold; the ranking is Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum.


A few pages into the story, we learn that Shannon was kidnapped two years ago and had facial reassignment to protect her identity; Eaglecorp, the company that commands the world, had covered up the entire misfortune under a blanket of money and lies. Her three weeks of captivity are still haunting her nights. And in one of those we find out that Tristan was one of her kidnappers. What a turn off!!!


Next, we discover that Raymond Stark is Pryor and that he and Tristan, among others, have planned all that five years ago and it was supposed to bring equality. Eagelcorp (or the men in charge) have been discharging young, pregnant girls if they discover their sons are not perfect, forcing the girls to live out their lives outside the cities. This kind of action is given to anyone Eaglecorp wants to make destitute. To bring about equality, Pryor, as Raymond, has to infiltrate the main server at headquarters and he will need two or three weeks to do it. Seems the mind trick was caused by a pill Pryor took just before the interview.


Incredibly, Tristan calls dibs on Shannon.


Just don’t forget, I saw her first.


I still expect for the book to capture my attention, but it seems that won’t happen.


Shannon seems to have a crush for her ex kidnapper, Tristan, and in that weeks she was held hostage, he won her over to the rebel’s side. And Pryor tells her who he really is and that he’s Tristan identical twin.


When Shannon meets Tristan and sees him for the first time, they react as lovers who haven’t seen each other in a long time. I can’t believe it!!! He held her captive, and she suffered because of the kidnapper in command, Mick, and she still hugs him? For me, the fact that he was kind to her while she was hostage doesn’t redeem him.


Then, Pryor tells her that it’s either both or neither of them, and she has to decide now. She accepts, of course she does, and Tristan gives her an earpiece so the three of them can always be in contact.


They try to find a girl who seems to look like Shannon after her facial reassignment and soon that puts her in contact with Patricia Blackwell, the president of Eaglecorp, a forty-five year old lesbian known for her preference for blondes. When she goes to meet her as that girl who went missing, Patricia knows she is Shannon; and she has Mick by her side… surprise, he wasn’t dead as everyone thought he was!


Shannon discovers that the girl was dead and she was totally changed two years ago … not only her face, but her body too; Patricia turned her into a replicate of her lover. They stole her body and placed her brain into a clone. And when I thought it couldn’t get any worst, three marshals came to investigate her to ask if she was with Patricia the night before. Of course she was, and they never made Patricia forget that, so Shannon says she wasn’t? So Pryor makes her forget all about the resistance and about the investigation.


Yet, Tristan doesn’t want to be forgotten, doesn’t want to lose her. So he makes her remember some parts of what happened between them. And she soon remembers everything.


Patricia disappears, there is another person named as president and Shannon is named as Senior Vice President of Personnel. We finally understand what was she preparing for … she was going to speak to the new recruits of the resistance.


I finally finished the book. It’s clearly a series and it’s not set as one. I’m sorry to say that I rate it 2 couples, and I can’t give it more because of the material I’ve already cited.


Pubisher : Etopia Press

Source : Publicist provided for review

Released : August 3rd 2012



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A Lot Like a Lady by Kim Bowman & Kay Springsteen


Book Blurb :

Ladies’ maid, Juliet Baines has gotten herself into a pickle by agreeing to go to London and taking the place of her mistress and best friend, Annabella Price, stepsister to the Duke of Wyndham. After all, what does a servant know about being a lady? But Juliet soon finds that pretending to be a lady isn’t nearly as hard as guarding her heart against the folly of wanting a man who’s completely out of reach. Graeme “Grey” Roland Dominick Markwythe, Sixth Duke of Wyndham, approaches his duties as a nobleman with great dedication and meticulous care. And he’s a man who is not easily fooled…except when he tries to convince himself he’s not utterly and madly in love with the beautiful imposter who has turned his life upside down. Will society and his responsibilities to his noble status keep him from opening his heart to the woman he loves?

Dolce Amore



When Annabella’s mother tells her that she will have a Season with Grey, Duke of Wyndham who is her stepbrother, or she will have to marry the vicar, Annabella knows that the only thing her mother wants is to see her married with a wealthy, popular man of noble birth. Her happiness is immaterial. Grey had been given the cut to Annabella and her mother with the members of the ton doing the same.


Annabella snorted indelicately. “My mother wants what is best for my mother. Ever since her husband died, that insufferable, arrogant beast, she wants me to consider my brother has given us the cut. She sees my prospects for marrying well as our way back into polite society.”


So she decides to send her maid and best friend, Juliet Cicely Baines, to London instead of her. She figured it had been four years from the last occasion they had met and it would be just for a limited time; he wouldn’t realize she wasn’t Annabella, or would he?

Juliet’s first encounter with Graeme Roland Dominick Markwythe, the Sixth Duke of Wyndham, is as explosive as funny. His uncle’s dog has just attacked one of Juliet’s chaperones. And Grey has to fight his attraction for the one he thinks his stepsister.


As they came abreast of Grey, the girl looked at him. It was no more than a fleeting glance as they hurried by, but the effect was powerful. Grey’s chest and stomach tightened as if he’d been punched in the gut and had all the air forced from his lungs. His heart alternated between stuttering, almost stopping, then thumping out an erratic beat that left him lightheaded. He had never seen such amazing, beautiful eyes in all his life. They were unusual in color; a bright golden brown that reminded him of the yellow-brown eyes of a cat. The black of her pupils combined with her long black eyelashes accentuated the unique color. Grey was taken aback at the beauty and tried to remember if her eyes had always been so alluring.


How could he lose himself so easily in the tawny-eyed beauty who was still a complete mystery to him?


He thanked God she had come into his life … and then prayed for the Lord to keep her there.


Grey knows from the start that something is off with his stepsister and soon has his suspicions confirmed. He sends his best friend, Lord Jon, to the country to seek the true Annabelle.

What’s a young woman to do when she is facing a Season while faking to be someone else? Learning to be a proper debutant, of course; and stealing the heart of a duke.

I love all the characters, especially these. The aunts are wonderfully drawn; wise, and funny, they know from the start that Juliet is not their niece, all the while plotting to match-make Juliet with the duke.


Well, of course you’re our niece. We ought to know our own niece. If we say you are our niece, then most assuredly you are.


Grey’s uncle, Lucien, with his crazy actions like naming a dog after a noble neighbor or a horse after a preacher’s wife, is not as deep as the rest of the characters; but in the end of the book, he reaches the depth he needs.

Juliet, with the funny situations she provokes while trying to “be” Annabelle and denying her attraction for Gray is a lot of fun:


Oh fluff. You want a good peek at his grace.

No I don’t. He’s overbearing and cynical and—

And amazingly handsome, and completely gallant when he came to my rescue at that disaster of a dinner party three nights ago, and gracious—well, maybe not too pleasant about it, but—

Stop that!

Well, you’re the one who thought it.

I most certainly did not. You di—Oh great. Now you’re arguing with yourself, Juli—Annabella!


What can I say about Grey? He tries to be cold, he knows the young lady is not his stepsister; but he can’t stop thinking about her nor wanting to discover all her secrets. And the attraction she holds upon him is incredible. I totally love the scene where he teaches her to dance; unknowing Juliet’s name, Grey starts to call her Magpie.


Grey’s heart tugged like an emotional bellpull with every finishing hop. They whirled around the room. Or had the room begun to spin around them? A splash of sunlight, a dash of deep rose wallpaper, the snowy white lace framing the window … Then there was nothing but Magpie’s face. The dance commanded his feet, but she commanded his fascination. When she tossed back her head and laughed, her hair came tumbling down. She twirled and glorious dark golden waves spun across her face. With a wild laugh, she shook her head and pushed them back. Grey’s breath caught.


In the end, I can just praise Kay Springsteen and Kim Bowman for writing this wonderful book, one of the best historical romances I have ever read. I can’t wait to read Annabella’s story, I bet it will be as good as this one. 5 stars



Pubisher : Astraea Press

Source :  Manic Readers

Released :  March 27th 2012



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