Review: Deciding Fate by Tamra Lassiter

Title: Deciding Fate
Series: Role of Fate #1
Author: Tamra Lassiter
Publisher: Tamra Lassiter LLC
Genre: Romantic suspense
Release Date: October 7th, 2015



Fate isn’t a decision that we get to make.

Hunter Simms has overcome many hardships to get to where he is. He lost his parents as a teen and stepped up to take responsibility of raising his younger brother and sister. Hunter’s overcome every obstacle in his life except for one—Kate Richardson. Hunter’s loved Kate since the second grade, but one poor choice made years ago, has made him the person that she hates the most. 

Kate decided years ago that Hunter has no place in her life. A desperate call for help from her brother threatens to change Kate’s life forever. Can Kate trust Hunter to help, and will she trust fate to decide her future?


Kate’s brother, Brady, calls her in a rush, urging her to meet him at their family’s cabin as soon as possible. Kate hears he’s clearly in distress, so she hurries to meet him. When she arrives however it’s not her brother who she stumbles on.

A man named Hunter receives a same sort call only he misses the tone of Brady’s voice. He arrives early at the cabin and he too does not meet the person he is expecting.

And off you go to read what happens yourself 😛

Deciding Fate is more than meets the eye, when I scanned through the blurb I thought I was going to be reading a “second chance romance” but it’s much more than that. It’s got a bit of mystery and suspense going on as well, which surprised me. It was a pleasant surprise,  I’m glad that the story wasn’t all about two people reconnecting. That little bit sets it apart from other books in this genre. Not to mention the maturity of the characters, the way they handle what happened between them in the past. Made it an enjoyable to read.

I’m going to give it 3.5 couples

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, thank you for the opportunity. 





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Review: Malevolent (Darkness #1) by Cassia Brightmore

Series: Darkness #1
Author: Cassia Brightmore
Publisher: Self Published
Source: Author
Release Date: February 28th, 2015



Darkness has a seductive power, a delicious energy that sinks its claws in deep. Once the devil has a hold of you, true malevolence is born.

Sheriff Brady James has sworn to protect the small town of Durham Heights, his current priority to ruthlessly hunt a sadistic killer on the loose. With lives at stake, his focus is split between two beautiful women – one dark, one light. The clock is ticking, the threat palpable; crawling closer at every turn. Once death has you in its sights, there is no escape.

Pain. Suffering. Lives shattered and broken. In the fight of good against evil, who will survive?

This is the first book in the Darkness series, a wishing evil upon others novel that can be read as a standalone.

Due to mature content and violent situations, this book is recommended for readers 18 years and up.


“That’s it baby, bleed for me.”

The story is told from a third person narration with alternating points of view. The books I’ve read recently were written in first person narrative so this took me a while to get used to. But once I got into it, I was into it.

The author goes to the dark side of humanity and she caught the essence perfectly. Meaning, the psychopath here isn’t humanized. In many books the bad guy still manages to get you to feel the littlest bit of sympathy but not here. The psychopath is a monster plain and simple. No chance at redemption.

Knowing that about our bad guy, you can tell that Sheriff Brady has quite the task ahead of him. It’s made even more difficult when women are throwing themselves at him…readers not included. Just kidding, everyone (in the book) does seem to notice how hunky the man is. Even I have to admit he’s pretty good book boyfriend material. When he goes after a woman there’s no stopping him. He’s possessive, protective, intense and has a wicked mouth. By now the uniform is just an added bonus.

There are two main love interests for him, one is spoiled as hell and I just want her to go away…she’s the kind of character that will make you want to throw your e-reader at a wall. Or drag her out of the book and punch her in the face. The other is the exact opposite. She’s on a path to rebuild her life and she works hard for it too.

I don’t want to say too much, I fear I might give things away that really should be kept secret in case you decide to pick it up yourself. All I can say is that not everyone is who they appear to be and that I liked reading this book. Malevolent has mystery, it has gore and it has some heart wrenching moments. I especially like the gore, wish there was more of it though. I did have times where I wondered why none of the big agencies came to help. I’m thinking Criminal Minds kind of guys. But it’s a small town, maybe no one cares…

Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh.  Apart from that moment is there just one thing that I didn’t like and that was the instant love thing. Lust I can understand but love…that transition was just a little too quick for me. And that’s why my rating falls a little lower.



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