2016 Pick Your Genre Reading Challenge

Pick Your Genre 2016


Challenge runs from January 1, 2016 until December 31, 2016

Once you’ve read it…review it then link it up!

What Counts
  • Any book over 80ish pages counts (please no short stories)
  • Books MUST be read in 2016
  • All book formats count!
  • Re-reads & challenge cross overs count!
Anyone can join! If you don’t blog you can use a dedicated shelf on Goodreads or similar.
There’s an event giveaway! Each review (one per book) left on a major platform–Goodreads, Amazon, etc–and linked in the review widget will be an entry.
There’s a FB group for the challenge–join to get book suggestions, socialize and get event news!



Level 1 (Sunbathing): 6 books
Level 2 (Dipping the Toes): 12 books
Level 3 (Wading In): 25 books
Level 4 (Going for a Swim): 50 books
Level 5 (Diving In): 75 books
Level 6 (Cannon ball! ALL in!): 75+ books


I’m choosing fantasy  and historical for this challenge. I love both of these genres but I never get enough. I’m hoping to reach Level 4  for both genres


1. The Earl’s Complete Surrender  – Goodreads

2. Dukes Prefer BlondesGoodreads

3.One – Eyed Dukes Are Wild – Goodreads

4. The Knave Heart