Confessions from Romaholics is focused on Romance, NA , YA , Fiction and   MG


Please note as of this time, Confessions From Romaholics is accepting very few requests due to other commitments.

We accept the following

  • Romance – All Genres
  • NA – All Genres
  • YA – All Genres
  • MG- All Genres
  • Fiction – Historical, Mystery, Sci- Fi and Fantasy  only please


Please give us ample time to review the books. We reserve the right to decline a request if we believe that  we won’t be able to review your book in a timely matter  or  it’s not a book  that I will enjoy. I accept Arcs and non-advance review copies of eBooks and print books.


All Published reviews include a cover, links and summary of the book and a honest opinion whether for or against the book.

Please do not send  us a review copy without having communicated with  me . One review request per form please.

IF the form doesn’t work. Please submit the request request to our email


  1. First off, let me say this: your site rocks!
    Secondly, while my book, The Bellman Chronicles, isn’t up your alley – non-fiction travel humor isn’t in your wheelhouse, I’m guessing from a look around your site – but it will be FREE on September 10 – 11 on my Amazon Kindle page if you’re interested.
    Thanks for being part of a cool blog hop!

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