My To Be Read Shelf – A Work in Progress

Okay if you know me. I have quiet a bit of collection. I never have really counted it .

I estimate I have at probably at least have 600 books if I’m being honest.  And I can’t give you a idea of how many them are read as there is no sense to my bookcases. I just pretend I have read them all opps


So a while back I tried to get some sense of what I have unread and that failed miserably so I’m going to keep myself  on track here and slowly add as I go along

Let’s face it my immediate TBR Pile is my bed which has been moved to the floor temporarily …..

It is  a mixed lot and this isn’t all of it








It is  mainly YA as I’m in the mood at the moment but there few others based on recommendations or book I”m dying to read.

Then we move on to my bookcases. I have five and honestly I know some of the books I need to read off those cases. I just don’t know which one they are on so this going to take a while hence  a work in a progress in title

Bookcase One – Downstairs – Ignore the gap. I had books out, trying to see what I had on this bookcase

As you can see there no sense of organsation here . And this is only the begining


I  have quiet a few on my ipad and computer

This is probably going to take me forever but like my physical books. I have immediate TBR so I’m going to slowly add here

So there you have. A  glimpse of my tbr and there is more to come in the near future





  1. 600 books is insane to my brain 0.0 but I do also lie to myself and hide books and then forget they exist and don’t include them in my TBR post so….

    I have Valentine on my TBR as well I was planning on reading it already but i just keep putting it off

  2. Wow over 600 books on your TBR is a lot :O And I thought mine was big (around 100 books). A couple of months ago I wrote down all of the books on my TBR, it took me several days haha. But I’m glad I did it 🙂

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