Review: Getting Him Off Quickly (Getting Him Off #1) by C.R. Lemons

Title: Getting Him Off Quickly

Series: Getting Him Off Series

Author: C.R. Lemons

Genre: Erotic Romance

Release: Available Now



This fast-paced and engrossing narrative of murder investigation and steamy adult romance will stimulate the mind and get the body yearning for more.


Paralegal Daisy Sinclair works for a well-known successful criminal defense attorney in downtown Fort Worth. She works hard and plays even harder, but has a code to never mix business with pleasure. This code is tested when her boss hires Warren Cole as a criminal investigator to partner with her in a case defending a prominent figure against a double murder charge.


Investigator Cole is a gorgeous six foot five former homicide detective and Navy SEAL with piercing emerald green eyes, unkempt jet black hair, caramel tan complexion and rock hard body. When Daisy catches herself imagining him handcuffed to her bed while investigating the crime scene, she soon realizes mixing business with pleasure maybe unavoidable.


Daisy is a strong-willed free spirit who plays by her own rules and Warren is a cocky alpha male who is accustomed to going by procedure. This combination makes for an interesting and entertaining investigative team. As they set out to prove their client’s innocence, they find themselves on a suspenseful winding journey of the many suspects and motives to discover things may not be what they seem, or are they?


Between finding out who committed the murders and the provocative sexcapades this novel is sure to satisfy.



This book is an adult read. It contains scenes of a sexual nature and adult language throughout.


****Getting Him Off Series****

Getting Him Off is an erotic thriller series based around murder investigation from a legal defense team’s point of view of proving their client’s innocence told through the eyes of Paralegal extraordinaire Daisy Sinclair. This series is fascinating and entertaining as it follows Daisy through her many exploits, both professional and personal, as she gets herself in and out of trouble during the investigations. Getting Him Off Quickly (Book 1) and Getting Him Off Secretly (Book 2) are centered on individual case files and each book ends with the conclusion of the investigation.goodreads

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Getting over him quickly is the first by the author and honestly this was a bundle of surprises.  It was what I expected from a  murder mystery. Intriuging but this was from a different point of view.

Daisy is a paralegal  working for a successful criminal defence attorney and one of their own has been accused of murder . Nothing new in her world as she has deal with high profile cases. Well her boss has other  ideas and has hired Warren Cole ex detective/ Navy Seal  to do the dangerous bits of the job. The fun bits and Daisy is mad.

However Daisy isn’t going to late things get away so easy  and  Warren already made an impression that hard to forget. But they are colleagues and she got a firm rule about colleagues. However the murder investigation got others  ideas.


Whilst I loved the idea of this novel. Daisy was painted too much as a loose woman. For some who was a very independent woman. She let herself be put in positions that would of made any woman made but she just copped it on the chin as she was commitment phobia.

There was more then her share of old boyfriends in this novel and then a friends with benefit who only has a key role because of that and he able to help her with the case. The murder is interesting but there was too much romance. The sex scenes didn’t do for me  and honestly distracted from the story.

I t had promise but I was more invested with the mystery by the end   and I wished that I wasn’t . If there was a few tweaks to make the scenes more natural. This would be a sure winner.




“I have such an active imagination and I truly enjoy transcribing it into words. As I am writing, the people, places, and things come to life before me and I completely lose myself. Writing is my meditation. I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoy writing them. Thank you and happy reading.”

After receiving a degree in paralegal studies, C. R. Lemons was a paralegal for many years until deciding on a career change of currently managing her award-winning, family-owned business.

As a child, she would sneak her mom’s romance novels and lose herself in them. She always had an active imagination and dreamt of sharing it through writing. This dream finally came true with her Getting Him Off Series… Getting Him Off Quickly (Book 1), Getting Him Off Secretly (Book 2) & Getting Him Off Completely (Book 3) along with her naughty poetry musings… Naughtiness is Contagious, An Orgy of Erotic Poetry.

As an erotic thriller novelist, C. R. Lemons is a self-proclaimed occasional naughty poet. Her love of writing started through poetry in her teens. She was recently inspired to start writing poetry again and found a talent in the erotica.

C. R. Lemons is a native Texan who enjoys her coffee strong, her music rockin’ and her life full of laughter.


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