Review: Reaper’s Claim ( Satan’s Son MC #1) by Simone Elise

Reaper’s Claim

Series : Satan’s Son MC #1

Publisher : Inkitt

Source :  Publisher

Release Date : February 15th 2017


In my motorcycle club I’ve earned the name ‘Reaper’ and now I have my claim on Abby Harrison.

I didn’t know what love was, but I knew what want was, and I wanted Abby. When I walked out of the club and saw her I was stone cold sober. She was quietly beautiful and unlike any other woman I’d had before. But she was the daughter of the president of Satan’s Sons MC and completely out of my reach.

Everyone knew The Reaper and how he got his name, so I never expected him to be my salvation when my sisters drunk boyfriend wanted to lay hands on me. I thought my innocence would be lost in that alley, until he showed up and saved me. I know being with Reaper will lead to trouble, but I don’t know if I have the strength to stay away.

Being together might be dangerous, but outlaws are meant to break the rules. goodreads

TashTash M


Ever so often I try an new author and with MC sorely lacking in my schedule of late. I took on two books this month  set in the genre for review . To hopefully kick start my habit again.  On paper Reaper’s Claim  seemed like my kind of book and it was . However it wasn’t the smooth sailing like I thought it would be.

Elise’s  gritty offering tells  the story of Reaper a hard young man who made his  name with  the  Satan’s Sons . However this ,isn’t’ what we come for. We have come for the grittiness  and the up and down as he makes his claim on the club and turns it upside down. In the quest for Abby Harrison  who wants him like she wants him . However life in a MC club is never straight forward.

Abby may be young but s he knows how to handle things. She the one who pulls you in  when she finds herself in a situation that Reaper saves her from. From that moment  their lives have entwined  but when you are club royalty .

This isn’t an easy straight forward romance, it wouldn’t be a MC for anything.  From the first time they meet,  want hit  them like a speeding train.  However Abby is still young  and every chapter was  another stage to their  relationship and growing up.  It was complex  and sometimes surprising  as we watch them fight for things.   It was a lot  to take in as this story never let up.

I felt that at times it was dragging. Whilst I received an early copy of this book, I have to wonder why they didn’t’ spilt this book . There was so much going on with this book. It fit the definition of epic. Nothing wrong  but  I wished  at times  that the author skip the finer details and get things moving. As I felt parallels with other MC stories and I wanted to scream unique instead of  times where it revert to be ordinary. It played out like one long movie and  was surprised when it ended like it did. I’m not completely in love with the characters or their story yet. However this book didn’t have promise and would be curious to see what happened next

3.5 couples





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