Review: The Road That Leads To Us



Title: The Road That Leads To Us

Series: Us Series (standalone)

Author: Micalea Smeltzer

 Release Date: October 27, 2015




Things are about to get rocky for Dean Wentworth and Willow Wade.


Willow Wade is used to living in the spotlight, with her father a famous drummer in the band Willow Creek—her namesake—it’s been a lot to live up to and oftentimes she doesn’t feel she’s enough. But there has always been one person she could turn to.


Dean Wentworth knows a thing or two about how crippling a name can be. His family is worth billions after all. But Dean’s always been content to do his own thing. Play his guitar. Work on cars. And geek out to his various “nerdoms”.

But when Willow turns up unexpectedly, he realizes maybe there is more in life he wants.




One trip will change their lives forever.




TashTash M


I do like the idea of a road trip new adult romance, I have read some amazing ones that I have adored to pieces so I was definitely curious about this one after discovering the book by chance because of that cover. It is so clean and edge and draws you in and I took a chance with

The Road That Leads to Us is my first book of this author and had no clue this book as tied to previous two different series of this author. Whilst I didn’t feel anything amiss by only discovering these characters now, I do want to know more about these characters family .

Willow Wade just wants to forget her first year of college and take a summer road trip with her friend s to sort out her thoughts and plan for her future. However they have other ideas for the summer and bail on her and she returns home to with a crazy idea to still do the trip but with someone she trusts.
Dean her childhood friend and close family friend has always been her confident and she turns to him with hopes of offering a solution to her summer and plans. Instead he offers the road trips she wants , knowing that something is on her mind and that she needs it , not expecting what happens when they set off on Willow’s Epic Road Trip.

A road trip that truly represents what I love about road trips. Whimsically, no plans and random, well they had one destination. Malibu to visit Liam, her cousin, ( I do hope this broody surfer gets a story at some point) added an interesting secondary story. However this story is their’s and you have to wonder why now ?

The Road That leads To Us, isn’t a fast moving romance. It slow and gradual as we get first insight to them into their friendship and how eventually they were might for each other. Whilst they might be exploring their romance for most of the book, the relationship seems to me at time, best friend level. Though there is undoubtable fact that Dean always been there for Willow and let face it , a guy who wants to help out a girl and go on a road trip. There must be feelings as Willow’s Dad could see it

Now I had no indication that was the first in a series and whilst I feel there was slight problems with the book , I hold hope that further book in the series will solve them and offer as solutions. As this is only the beginning of their story. I liked that the author actually is working with her characters, not forcing them to reach the magical HEA in one book. These two are young and have their lives in front of them.

4.5 couples





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Those bitches were gonna die.


That was a horrible thing to say about my so-called ‘friends’—and I used the word friends loosely, because true friends wouldn’t ditch you the day of your scheduled road trip because they’d rather be sunbathing in the Hamptons.


The fucking Hamptons.




I mean, how clichéd could you get.


This was why I hated rich people.


It also sucked that I was one of those rich people.


Well, I wasn’t, but my dad was.


So by extension so was I.


When you grew up with a rock star for a dad, cameras and eyes followed you everywhere. It was exhausting.


I couldn’t just be Willow.


I was Willow Wade.


The daughter of the famous drummer Maddox Wade.


People expected greatness from me.

I just wanted to graduate college without slitting my wrists.


Author Bio




Smeltzer is a bestselling Young and New Adult author from Winchester, Virginia.

She’s always working on her next book, and when she has spare time she loves to

read and spend time with her family.

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