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Title: Under the Peaches

Series: Teaching Love #1

Author: Shana Vanterpool

Genre: NA Romance

Release: February 28, 2017



Unwanted. A word eighteen-year-old Kaelyn Jefferies knows better than most. Given up at birth, she knows nothing of love. Now she navigates this world blind, worrying only about her present to survive. And sometimes when you’re the only guide you have, you don’t always do what’s best for yourself.
After another confrontation with her bully, Kaelyn flees to her hiding spot to be alone and nurse her wounds. Instead, she finds Julian Ean, the gorgeous twenty-four-year-old calculus teacher the other girls whisper about, nursing a few of his own. Until that moment, Mr. Ean was simply a man she passed in the halls. Afterwards, he is impossible to ignore … to forget.
Mr. Ean only wanted to help Kaelyn. Patch her up and show her she was worth so much more than she was giving herself. He didn’t mean to fall in love with a student. It’s wrong, he knows it, but he can’t help himself around her. Not when her pain feels like his.
Kaelyn didn’t mean to fall in love with a teacher. It’s wrong, she knows it, but after Mr. Ean shows her what a real smile feels like, there’s no going back after that …
Book one in the Teaching Love Series, comes a poignant coming-of-age novel showcasing the beauty of strength and the delicious lure of forbidden love by Shana Vanterpool. goodreads

TashTash M


Under the Peaches  is the first student/ teacher, I have read  in a while.  Whilst I love the forbidden, this type of relationship doesn’t do it for me. As the books I don’t cut for me as most the stories that I read in the genre. Aren’t exactly.,

This was forbidden yet was wasn’t . The main characters were of legal age. It just so happened that  they were teacher and student ….

Julian Ean is any teenager girl dream. He a young  and hot but happens to a teacher.  A ordinary guy  who leads a normal life. It a moment that changes his course forever when one day . Kaelyn walks to her hiding spot and finds him there.

In those moments things changed as whilst Julian takes every measure like any other good teacher would to help Kaelyn . Getting so tangled up with each  it going to be hard to unravel with out hurt.

Kaelyn has lived with out the  feeling of acceptance and love. She has dealt with plenty o f blows and now at eighteen she  seen still as a cheque. Her life revolves around school and work trying to get the diploma  she desperately wants. Life is hard period.

Her foster dad is the worst with his demands for money and physically.  She has no safe place and her hiding place is the only place she can relax and be true . As whilst Kaelyn has resigned herself not being love or accepted. She seeks it still .

Which Julian sees in her in as he learns about her. She maybe a student but helping her like any teacher would when they say a problem is going to cut.  When you  in a situation like Kaelyn.

With her tough determination to keep going and not let anything get to her  despite the problems at school. Julian can help  wanting to become friendly her .  There something special about her and for the first time Kaelyn can lower her guards and experience a positive male relationship.

But she only a one girl in  as sea of woman and he is her teacher.  But there a connection that cross boundaries and makes each other drawn to each other.  An attraction that isn’t going to go away as Julian makes Kaelyn feel like nothing else matters and he is determined to do anything.

Under the Peach tree is the story of hope and determination. A beautiful story of self discovery and growth. As this maybe a teacher/student relationship but it isn’t forbidden. This a unique situation. Julian understands her like no one else. He just gets her and  it can’t be wrong when it so right?

There no turning back when it comes to love and Under the Peaches shows that.  As much as the story  played on the strength and lure of forbidden. There was  a heart wrenching story  that will resonate  with people.




Romance author, coffee drinker, and bad boy aficionado. Every second not spent breathing is an opportunity to write and read. I live in Northern California with my family and actress dog, Halle Bella. (Just Bella when she decides to cut the crap.) Escaping with a good book is something I live for and I write so others can do the same.

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