Review: Valentine’s Rose by Dani Wyatt

Valentine’s Rose

Publisher : Destiny Romance

Source : Author

Release Date :  February 12th 2017


It only took Tanner Valentine one look at her to know this rare Rose was his one and only.  Growing the world’s rarest and most coveted roses is this mountain man’s obsession until he walks into her flower shop and his new obsession takes over.  There’s just one thing holding him back from staking his claim, that ring on her finger.

Rose Everhart spends her days arranging flowers.  On this valentine’s day, she let’s it slip that although she’s send out thousands of arrangements to other lucky recipients, she’s never been the receiver of flowers herself.  What she doesn’t know, is wearing her grandmother’s scratched and worn rose gold wedding band has kept the hulky flannel wearing rose grower that’s filled her fantasies for months at a distance for too long.

Will these two unlucky at love introverts finally discover what it’s like to discover your one and only?  Only, will someone from Rose’s past force her to retreat back into her solitary world just as she’s beginning to understand the power of true love?


TashTash M


I know I’m always in for a treat when I pick up one of Wyatt’s books and with Valentine just around the corner, she got the perfect read to get you in the mood. She has everything down pat and  I love how she creates the perfect ideal partner for each of her characters. As who wouldn’t want a  Tanner Valentine.

He may have the lumberjack look down pat but he isn’t all gruff.  He fall for the one women he can’t have it seems.  So he bids his days growing his roses  and making ways to see his Rose. For the last 3 months all he cares about is his Rose but the ring is holding him back.  Plus he an introvert so how he ever going to find out when he is a man of few words and rather would show then tell.

Well Tanner had enough and about to make a declaration to Rose but she got her own problems to deal with and it hold her back from making a move as well. An introvert  with her own challenges, she is painfully shy and doesn’t think a man  would want a girl like her.   She just bids her days working and living in a rut.

Rose spends her days making flower arrangements for others wishing that she could receive one and well Tanner got his own plans and plans to claim his girl this Valentine Day  if things goes to plan.

Wyatt didn’t disappoint with her latest story.   A sultry unique story this why I keeping come back, you fall in love with these characters in a insta like  the hero and heroine. It hard to fault these characters. The sweet some what clueless Rose  and round around the edges Tanner were perfect for each other.   Whilst it may be over the top there still a sweet romance thee as Wyatt knows how to pair things well.   If you are looking for a quick read with two introverts , some crazy ideas and sweet loving, you can’t miss her latest




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