His Most Wanted by Sandra Jones

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The River Rogues #2
Sandra Jones
Releasing Nov 17th, 2015


It’ll take more than a badge to get
her to confess her secrets.
Kit Wainwright only meant to stop the thief making off with his beloved uncle’s
ashes. He wants to hang up his gun, become a law-abiding citizen and leave his
violent past behind. But the mayor takes notice of his sharpshooting skills,
slaps a badge on his chest and puts him in charge of cleaning up this lawless
town. Starting with tracking down the notorious Velvet Grace.Bordello owner Cora Reilly never meant to become a crusader. But after shooting
the last corrupt sheriff in self-defense, she’s spent the last few months
turning her hastily donned disguise into a local legend to defend the girls in
her town from riff-raff.

There’s no way Cora can trust the handsome new sheriff. Yet Kit’s kisses leave
her wanting to open her arms—and her bedroom—to soothe his grief. Even if it
brings him too close to the truth that could send her to the gallows.

Warning: Contains a reluctant sheriff with a keen eye for a moving target,
and a take-no-crap madam who isn’t about to let him get close. Okay, maybe just
a little bit closer. Just this once…


TashTash M


His Most Wanted is the second book in the River Rouge series and can be read standalone as I saw no connection to convey otherwise. In this book we have an interesting pairing with the form of Christopher ‘Kit’ Wainwright a reformed riverboat gambler and brother owner who has moved from ST Louis to complete his redemption.

However things have gone to plan too well. As Kit is now the new Sheriff of Fort McNarmara, the very aread that he just arrived to, in   the hopes of starting over. Kit is happy to let his friends and acquaintances   know of those facts but this man is bit a of a gentleman despite otherwise as he is willing to help those out when they need it . As why otherwise would be carting his Uncle’s ashes and trying to fulfil his uncle’s last wishes and repay his debt when he could be plenty of other things like trying to get Cora Riley to notice him.

Cora Riley is a daughter of madam who has carried on the business in a means of helping women without too many questions. Now her passion is helping to right the wrongs in this crazy town and things have gotten out of hand as they gone too far and now Cora got to deal with the new sheriff who has taken a fancy to her and is determined to woe her

His Most Wanted was a fun quick novel about two opposites who are trying to do the right thing but instead fall in love in the face of their challenges. These characters might be not the ones that come to mind when you delve into Western but I like the idea of atypical characters and being ahead of their time.

It jam pack considering this about only 200 pages and there is whole major arc dedicated to Velvet Grace lurking around and causing chaos which leads to some unfortunate times. It what you would expect a true Western with a healty dose of romance and I enjoyed as it was a nice book to end day long day on

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Sandra Jones is a multi-published author of historical romances. A
former bookseller and librarian, she’s always had her nose in a book. 
When not researching or writing her next novel, she enjoys being
with family, reading, cooking for her husband, and watching British TV. At home
in the South, her house overlooks a river and a farm, where most days you can
find her working to the sounds of wildlife and cattle.
Sandra loves to hear from her readers. Visit her website at www.SandraJonesRomance.com
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